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Before moving your personal computer, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following steps are taken prior to moving your computer, your system will arrive safely at destination.

Make backup copies of your data files and store them together with the original program disks in a sturdy container, preferably a fireproof lockbox. Remove any floppy diskettes from the drives and insert a cardboard disk or an old floppy disk in the drive and close the drive door.

To avoid shock to your hard disk, the recording heads should be "parked" before transport. When automatic park and lock systems are powered down, the disk automatically retracts the recording heads from the data area into a safety zone. Other PC systems require the running of a program to activate the park procedure. IBM and most hard-disk clones include the program SHIPDISK.EXE that parks the heads. The program is usually located on the diagnostic diskette that came with the computer. You can run the program from the menu of the diagnostic diskette, or you can copy SHIPDISK.EXE to your hard disk and run it. When SHIPDISK is invoked, the red light of the the disk goes on and off, indicating that the hard disk is parked. The hard disk is unparked when the computer is turned back on. Once your drives are secure, you should turn the system to OFF and remove all cables from the back of the unit.

The original packing box your system came in is the best choice. The rigid styrofoam packing material will hold the system securely in place. In the event your original box is not available, your carrier will provide a sturdy packing container and materials.

The original packing box and material is the best choice for transport because the styrofoam is customized to fit each printer. If you are moving a laser printer, remove the ink cartridge as the ink may spill and contaminate the laser engine. If you are moving a pin printer, you should insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.

Packing Guide


Packing your computer
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